More than 300 people have lost their lives after a twin bomb explosion rocked Somalia's capital city, Mogadishu, on Saturday.

The attack, which is being referred to as the country's "deadliest in a decade", took place outside a hotel in the city's K5 intersection, an area packed with government offices, restaurants and kiosks. 

According to Reuters, police said a truck bomb exploded outside a local hotel and only two hours later, "another blast struck the capital's Medina district."

In the wake of the deadly blasts, the country's President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo, declared three days of national mourning and called on people to donate blood and funds for hundreds of injured victims. 

No organization has claimed responsibility for the attack yet.

Grief, shock and outrage on social media

News of the horrific attacks continue to circulate online and has led thousands to react.

Some are trying to help the victims and their families through online fundraising campaigns, whilst others are sharing heartbreaking stories and a few are understandably upset over the lack of media coverage.

Many are mourning the victims

And sharing heartbreaking stories

Others are hailing heroic rescue workers

Some are searching for those who are still missing

Others are uniting to raise funds

And much needed donations

People are outraged at the lack of media coverage

"How do you not become numb in the face of such numbers"

"Why aren't we all with Somalia today? Facebook? Twitter? Celebs? Anyone?"

Just imagine...

"Sometimes you just got to cry for your people"