The holy month of Ramadan is right around the corner and, among other things, this means most Muslim families will soon start getting together every night for iftar feasts

Unfortunately, it also means out-dated gender norms will be on full display in many households, where females usually take charge of preparing a full-course dinner every single night... and cleaning up the aftermath.  

Well, women are fed up and are demanding change this year. Many Muslim women have taken to Twitter to roast some men's Ramadan habits with funny memes and sarcastic tweets. 

Dear "meninists," the key word here is "some," as we surely appreciate the efforts of men who actually lend a hand in housework. Plus, we do acknowledge that many young women are just as lazy and take their mothers, as well as other older women, for granted.

Here are 12 tweets in which Muslim women call out men's annoying habits during Ramadan:

1. Women have simply had enough

2. Peak of productivity: Preparing Tang

3. Lazy is an understatement

4. Does this Ramadan routine ring a bell?

5. For many, the day only starts after sunset

6. "Please change for the better this Ramadan"

7. Less empty words, more action

8. Some men even mistreat women and undermine their efforts

9. Even male Twitter users admit this is true

10. While we're at it, here's another Ramadan habit women are tired of...

11. So tired that they are preparing some savage responses

12. Pre-Ramadan habits are something else