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If you've watched the hit Spanish television series, La Casa de Papel - known in English as Money Heist - then you've probably contemplated a parallel universe in which you take part in such a heist. 

Meanwhile, for two Moroccan fans, fantasizing just wouldn't do it. Instead, they actually robbed two sites in France while donning the signature mask worn by the show's characters, according to media reports.

According to Moroccan media outlet, Le Site Info, the Moroccan burglars were "inspired by the series," which features a criminal mastermind who plans the biggest heist in recorded history by printing billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain.

The duo allegedly attacked a hotel and a store in the Nantes region last month, while covering their faces with masks identical to the ones worn in Money Heist.

They are accused of stealing 400 euros ($460) from the Formula 1 Hotel, as well as robbing the Happy Cash de Gétigné and leaving with cash, jewelry, and multimedia worth a total of 13,000 euros ($14,978.) 

The suspects fled to Morocco, but were later arrested in France

French media outlets reported that the suspects burned the car they had used in the robberies and fled to Morocco.

They spent two weeks in the Moroccan city of Fez before returning to France, where they were recently arrested by the French authorities in cooperation with the Interpol.

The suspects are reportedly both under 25 years old and have criminal records for petty crimes. The investigation is still underway.