A Moroccan cleric reportedly passed away of a heart attack after a man he was burying suddenly "woke up". According to Okaz newspaper, the incident took place in a village located in the country's Marrakech last Friday.

It all started when the man who was pronounced dead fell unconscious while performing Friday prayers at a local mosque. He was then transferred to a hospital where doctors pronounced him dead and even issued an official death certificate in his name.

After the man's family was informed of his supposed death, his body was sent to a morgue where the imam arrived to perform last rites and prepare the body for burial. 

However, the man then shocked everyone when he woke up right in the middle of his burial preparations. The horrifying incident scared tens who were outside the mosque waiting to attend the funeral. 

Unfortunately, it also led the imam to suffer a heart attack that eventually caused his death.

The bizarre incident left people shocked

Some were just speechless

"There's no strength or power but in God." 

"Oh God"

People tried to grasp the incident's details ... but couldn't

"They should've double checked... how could this happen? They were going to bury this man alive." 

"Oh my, I can't even think of what he was feeling"

Many prayed for the deceased imam

"May God have mercy on him."