If you think tournaments in the Arab world are pretty cliché, well you haven't been following the news closely enough.

Over the course of 10 days, Saudi Arabia held a Falconry Festival, which saw a record 1,723 falcons race one another in a tournament. 

In doing so, the kingdom entered the Guinness Book of World Records for hosting the world's largest falcon racing competition.

"It is an honor to attend SFC competitions, in which 1,723 falcons have participated, a new category that was recorded according to the international standards," said GBR official representative Shida Subasi Jamissi, according to Arab News.

The tournament included a 400-meter competition, and an additional 13 cup rounds to determine the overall flying winner. 

The competition also saw the crowning of the "best-looking bird."

"His presence is prestigious, his view is sharp"

Ready? Set?


The tournament even has a sports commentator

Make sure to turn your audio on to hear the passionate commentary accompanying the video.