Arab grandmas are a source of love and kindness, but all sunshine goes away when you dare do something they don't approve of. 

Over the weekend, a Lebanese young man learned that the hard way and his sister was there to film it all.

In a now-viral video she uploaded online, Twitter user Iris Kazzi captured the moment her brother, Stephan, told his grandma he got an ear piercing.

Upon seeing it, the woman literally freaked out, and her breakdown had everyone in tears.

It all started with this revelation

In the clip, the grandma can be heard asking her grandson to remove the ear piercing several times.

"What is this? Go take it off, go take it off now," she says. 

She then uses her cane to gently berate him for getting the piercing. 

Her reaction sparked a hilarious meltdown

"The 'Joumana' part tho"

"This is THE most Lebanese thing I've ever seen"

Arabs could relate, too

Are all Arab grandmas the same? The answer is YES

"When my grandparents see me wearing ripped jeans or shorts"

The video gave a few some ideas