Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah was recently announced as the cover star of the latest issue of GQ Middle East magazine.

Titled "The Unstoppable Rise of Mo Salah," his spread for the publication featured an in-depth interview in which discussed his early beginnings, family life and career. 

While Salah's interview for the magazine drew huge attention, the center of everyone's focus was the GQ photoshoot. 

In fact, the photos featured in the footballer's article were all people could talk about. 

The Egyptian king posted photos from the spread

And broke the internet ... yet again

The photos created quite the controversy in Egypt and left Salah's fans divided.

While some loved the entire photoshoot and praised the star footballer for his modeling efforts, others heavily criticized his outfits.

A few also had the most hilarious responses to the entire shoot.

Some just loved the photos

Others not so much

"Don't do this again."

People's reactions were lost in translation

"When I saw Mohamed Salah's photos."

Humor took over

"When your dad gets you a jacket when he's coming back from abroad."

Everyone had a lot to say about Salah's hair

Memes had to be made

Mohamed Henedy couldn't help but join the conversation

"They made a trench coat out of it?"

"Mo Salah defeated Thanos and took all the infinite stones and put them on his sweater"

"This is the same thing but you just love Mohamed Salah"

"The most precious thing I have ever seen wow"