After Mohamed Salah's devastating shoulder injury during the 2018 Champions League final, the 25-year-old striker seems to be well on his way to making a full recovery. 

Late on Sunday, Salah posted a photo revealing he's already back in training, giving fans hope that he will not be missing any World Cup games. 

In the few days after his injury, many speculated that the footballer might not be able to recover in time for the games which are set to begin on June 14.

At the time, the news sparked concern among the young athlete's fans across the world and especially in Egypt, as Salah is set to play for his country's national team. 

However, late on Monday, it was confirmed that the popular footballer's name was listed in Egypt's World Cup squad and it seems like always, he won't be disappointing his fans.  

The football star's most recent post has taken Twitter by storm

Salah captioned his post "good feelings," and his positive attitude confirms recent reports stating that his recovery is going well. 

His fans are sure delighted to see him up and running

"You can do everything, Egypt's Pharaoh."


Many tweeted back at the star with fan artwork

Others called him their "ta3miyya"

"The king"

"Keep going our legend, our hearts are with you"

"Long live the hero"

Many wished him a speedy recovery

"Alf million salama 3aleik"