Sami Bouattour, a French-Tunisian bakery owner, is set to become French President-elect Emmanuel Macron's official baker. 

Speaking to Al Arabiya, he explains that he received a call inviting him for a meeting next week to arrange a contract with the Elysee, which hopes all their bread will be provided by Bouattour’s bakery.

This comes after he beat more than 250 bakers to win the Grand Prize at the annual best baguette competition in Paris. 

The winner usually receives a "sum of 4,000 euros plus a contract to supply the presidential palace with bread daily for a full year." 

Macron's culinary team, including famed French chef Guillaume Gomez are also said to be interested in hiring Bouattour, and this comes as no surprise as his bakery is one of the most well known in Paris. 

Bouattour worked as a restaurant manager before he and his wife decided  to open their bakery in Paris’ 13th arrondissement .

“Our products are very popular among Parisians who come to us since the very early hours of the day,” he says.

An award winning baker

"Tunisia is the land of love and Tunisians are amiable."

In his interview with Al Arabiya, Bouattour speaks of dedicating his award to his father who is buried in Sfax, Tunisia. 

"When I learned that I won, I dedicated my accomplishment to my father who is buried in Sfax. Since I was young I promised him that I would do everything in my power to make him proud,” he says. 

He also speaks of how important it was for him to remind people and the media that Tunisia can and should be recognized for the honorable work its people do everywhere around the world.  

 “I really felt a bit ashamed that a young Tunisian was involved in the Nice attack but now I am proud to have at least helped to remind people across the media that Tunisia is the land of love and that Tunisians are amiable," he adds.