On Monday, a Jordanian man named Akram Mohammad posted a long complaint to the Facebook page of one of Jordan's leading telecom companies: Umniah

In his post, Mohammad protests what he describes as the company's slow internet service. 

To say that the post went viral soon after would be a gross understatement because it didn't just go viral... it broke Jordan's internet, resulting in a hilarious social media meltdown of the sorts, both locally and across the Arab world. 

Here's how the whole thing went down:  

It all started with Akram's post on Umniah's timeline:

Which led to a complete social media meltdown

People had their minds set on sharing the news... with everyone

Literally everyone... including:

Who later responded (not)

A few people went on a "hunger strike" for Akram

Everyone asked the same question

"Meen mza3el Akram?"

Why Umniah? Why?

Akram's post reached countries across the Arab world

The action wasn't all online... some people actually protested outside Umniah's branches

Telecom companies reached out to Akram... offering him gifts

Every other type of company also reached out to him

Including "Fine Tissues"

"Akram... Sell your modem"

Soon after, Umniah responded too

Akram has officially broken the internet