Dubai has broken yet another Guinness World Record; this time for the surgical removal of the world's largest kidney. 

The world record certificate was officially handed to Dr. Fariborz Bagheri, head of the Urology Department at Dubai Hospital, on Thursday, Gulf News reported. 

This comes months after the governing board of the records verified data confirming that the kidney, which was surgically removed at the hospital, was the largest in the world. 

Weighing a whopping 4.25 KG, the kidney surpassed that of the previous 2.14 KG record. 

Speaking to Gulf News, Dr. Bagheri who led the five-hour surgery, expressed the hospital team's happiness at receiving the award. 

During a press conference, he explained patient Ahmad Saeed's rare condition and the circumstances that led to his surgery. 

Talal Omar, head of the Guinness World Records’ Dubai office spoke to Gulf News and explained that "the committee spent many months studying the extremely complex medical records, and is happy to officially announce the record title of the largest kidney after the completion of the assessment.“

"As the leading global authority on breaking records, we want to challenge the way people and brands view themselves. We believe in offering record breaking ideas for everyone, everywhere and will continue to seek out new and exciting records in the UAE — a market that has no dearth of creative ideas and inspiration,” he added.

Not the first Guinness record the city breaks

This is certainly not the first time Dubai breaks a Guinness world record. The city is actually no stranger to breaking them at all. 

Earlier in 2017, Dubai broke the records for the largest number of nationalities having a continental breakfast under one roof and the world's longest selfie stick

In 2016, the city also broke the records for the largest transforming human image, the largest clothes donation, and the longest domino drop shot

In 2015, Tayer Group alongside NGO Dubai Autism Center organized a record-breaking painting on the streets of Dubai, measuring 10,850 meters, to raise awareness about autism.

During that same year, the city also broke the record for the world's longest handmade gold chain, measuring 5 kilometers long.