Israeli actress Gal Gadot has been at the center of controversy in the Middle East for her role in the Israeli army, which includes leading a military offensive against Gaza, leaving thousands dead.

The ex-Israeli soldier has repeatedly been a target for online trolls who have roasted her numerous times before ... for good reason. 

And it hasn't stopped...

Gadot - who was named Huawei's U.S. brand ambassador - recently shared a tweet promoting the Huawei Mate 10 ... with an iPhone. 

The actress, who's the face behind Huawei's advert, uploaded the video campaign to the micro-blogging platform using the Twitter for iPhone app ... and users definitely noticed. 

"Money may buy an empty endorsement, but it cannot buy real loyalty"

The technological fail was first pointed out by Twitter user @SherifHanna, who used the app "tweetbot" to see the tweet's advanced details, which include information about how the tweet was uploaded. 

The gaffe was then caught by YouTube personality Marques Brownlee ... and ultimately went viral. 

Gadot deleted the tweet and re-uploaded it. However, the actress insists she is loyal to the brand, explaining that the tweet was mistakenly uploaded by someone in her marketing team. 

"Some people have asked about my recent post with my new Huawei smartphone, and think I am using an iPhone," Gadot's publicist told CNET.

 "That's simply not the case. I love my Huawei P20 and Mate10Pro. They are lifelines wherever I am in the world," she added. 

"Sometimes I rely on help from my team to post larger videos. And that is what happened here."

The publicist also mentioned that the tweet was uploaded from a Mac, not an iPhone, contradicting the claims from Twitter users.

"But all her old tweets are still from an iPhone, so who are we fooling here?"

"No limits to IDF's deceit"

"This is next level dumb shit"

Others want to boycott the brand ... for having Gadot as its ambassador in the first place

"Once a snake always a snake"

"Get that Zionist out of my face"

Others took it a step further and did a Google search to see Gadot's "loyalty"

Not the first time such an error breaks the internet