What do you get when you combine savagery and food? Zomato India. 

This week, the food delivery app company shut down a customer who filed a complaint that a Muslim delivery executive was going to deliver his food. Zomato India refused to resolve the issue. Instead, it responded to the hate with some kind of trolling mechanism. 

"Food doesn't have a religion. It is a religion," the app wrote in a tweet. 

The company's response came in answer to a man's now-deleted tweet. In it, the user who goes by the name Amit Shukla, wrote: 

"Just canceled an order on @ZomatoIN. They allocated a non-Hindu rider for my food they said they can’t change rider and can’t refund on cancellation. I said you can’t force me to take a delivery. I don’t want to. Don’t refund just cancel." 

Shukla canceled his order after a delivery executive, with the name Faiyaz, was assigned to deliver his food. 

As soon as he learned that, he requested they change the delivery executive. When asked why, he said:

"We have Shravan and I don't need a delivery from a Muslim fellow."

Zomato's customer service informed the man that canceling the order would come with an additional cost. The executive then reminded the customer that "we don't discriminate on basis of riders, I hope you understand." 

Zomato also shared this with the caption: "Food For Thought"

Zomato's founder also put his two cents in

Deepinder Goyal, founder of Zomato, assured the public that discrimination of any sort is not tolerated at the company. 

"We are proud of the idea of India - and the diversity of our esteemed customers and partners. We aren’t sorry to lose any business that comes in the way of our values," he wrote in a tweet.

Outpouring support from Twitter users came rushing on after the incident. 

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