Just hours after tweeps circulated an image capturing a father locking his daughter up in a trunk in Kuwait, authorities announced his arrest on Sunday.

In a statement on the matter, the Gulf state's Ministry of Interior said that after concerned authorities launched a search for the man, they were able to locate him.

He has since been detained and referred to the state's child protection department for further investigations.

The man is now set to be tried under the country's child protection laws, with his charges ranging from neglecting an underage child to subjecting them to physical and psychological harm.

The incident infuriated people online

The viral image capturing the incident went viral on Twitter hours before the man's arrest, sparking outrage among Arab tweeps.

Many who had called on authorities to take immediate action against the man were relieved at the news of his detainment.

Some were angered by the incident

"He's sick." 

"This man has no conscience"

"There's no humanity left"

People couldn't understand the man's actions

"This is not a way to discipline, this is child abuse. Thank God the kid is safe."  

Many hailed Kuwaiti authorities for taking action

"Thankful to security officials for the great work." 

"This man must be punished by being locked in a trunk"

Kuwait introduced a child protection law in 2015

Kuwait implemented a "children's rights law" in 2015. 

Even though many activists and journalists have since pointed out flaws in the legislation, calling on it to be reformed, it still is considered a step in the right direction. 

The country's constitution also lists child protection as part of it's ninth article which states that "the family is the base of society in which motherhood and childhood are protected."