While vacationing in Thailand, American celebrity Lindsay Lohan was spotted wearing a burkini

Since 2015, there has been significant speculation and scrutiny over the Mean Girls star's relationship with Islam. While Lohan says has not converted, she has said she found "solace" in the Quran. 

She has also become an outspoken advocate for the hijab and refugees, even saying she was "racially profiled" at a London airport while wearing a headscarf.

Now, she's rocking the burkini on a paddle-boarding excursion. Lohan often posts photos of herself wearing a bikini, so it's unclear why she chose to wear the conservative swimwear this time. But from the way she's posing in the images, it appears like it could be some kind of photo-shoot.

Lohan's public relationship with Islam began in 2015, when a paparazzi snapped a photo of her carrying a Quran. She has since gone on to spend significant amounts of times in the Middle East, making public and TV appearances as well as volunteering with refugees.

She has been spotted numerous times wearing a hijab. Lohan has also hinted that she may open a new hijab fashion line

The star has also spoken out against Islamophobia through her own personal experience. "I was just holding a religious book, but people in America didn’t like it, they judged me for it and were saying nasty things," the star said in a February TV interview in Kuwait. 

The burkini, which was  invented in 2004 by Australian designer Aheda Zanetti, has stirred controversy in Europe recently. Several coastal cities in France attempted to ban the garment at public beaches, but the bans were eventually blocked.

Nonetheless, the controversy propelled the garment into the international spotlight, sparking an intense debate. Opponents see the garment – along with hijabs, burqas and niqabs – as oppressive towards women. However, proponents argue that women should be free to wear whatever they want, and forcing women to wear less clothing isn't actually empowering. 

As for Lohan, she has definitely shown her support for modest wear in the past few months, with the burkini shoot being the latest example.