You may all know Rahaf Khatib as the first Syrian-American hijabi to appear on the cover of a U.S. fitness magazine. 

But, she's so much more than that. The athlete with a big heart will be running the Boston Marathon this month in hopes of raising money for the Syrian American Rescue Network (SARN), a nonprofit based in her home state of Michigan that helps resettle Syrian refugees, NBC News reported.

She'll also be doing it as a member of a special all-female team to honor the 50th anniversary of Katherine Switzer's 1967 race, the first time a woman ran in the Boston Marathon. 

In the run-up to the event, which is set to take place on April 17, Khatib has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for refugees. 

"It is my dream to run the oldest and most prestigious marathon! I promised myself that if I ever do get this honor, I want to fundraise 4 refugees!" reads the crowdfunding campaign. 

Khatib has raised exactly $14,465 at the time of writing. The crowdfunding goal is $15,000 - with 10 days left. 

"Seeing as how my parents immigrated here 35 years ago ... I want to give back, and address the dire situation of the lack of support to the refugees especially in the marathoning sport," Khatib wrote. 

The money raised will go to the Syrian American Rescue Network (SARN), a non-political and non religious charity based in Michigan. 

The organization has secured homes for over 60 percent of Syrian refugees, furnishing their homes with donations as well as assisting in managing utility services. 

In fact, 70 percent of refugee households in Metro Detroit hold paying jobs that were founded through SARN networks. 

Khatib, a six-time marathoner, first made international headlines back in 2016 when she was featured in the October issue of Women's Running. 

The magazine first approached Khatib after the editorial team came across her blog and Instagram "Run Like a Hijabi" - two different platforms that highlight her passion for running, with an aim to empower other hijabi women who wish to take on fitness.