In a recent statement she made on The Wendy Williams Show, American actress Lindsay Lohan revealed she's designing her own island in Dubai. 

Yep, you read that right. 

"I'm discussing designing my own island in Dubai at the World Islands," Lohan said on the show's Friday episode. 

The 31-year-old celebrity also announced she is set to name her venture "Lohan Island." 

"I'm out Trump-ing Trump with the name Lohan," she added.

The star, who previously stated she was studying both Arabic and the Quran, is said to be living between Dubai and London.

She recently spoke of her life in the emirate, describing it as "serene and peaceful."

It's going to be called the "Lohan Island"

And it's already making rounds online

The news left some speechless

And others quite confused

A few reacted with humor

"Girl, please"

Not everyone thought a Lohan island is a bad idea though

Some might actually consider moving there

Consider is an understatement...

Lohan is also working on a film set in Saudi Arabia

Announcing that she's planning her own island in the region doesn't mark the first time Lohan expressed her interest in Gulf countries.

In recent months, the star hailed Saudi Arabia's lift on a long-standing cinema ban. During her interview with Williams, Lohan also revealed she's currently working on a film set in the kingdom. 

While she didn't go into details of its release, the actress said the film is titled "The Frame," and tells the story of an American photographer who leaves her husband in the US to move to Riyadh.