Just as the Internet was abuzz talking about Lindsay Lohan's new "Arabic accent", the American celebrity headed to Dubai last month ... and she hasn't left yet.

Now, some are speculating that Lohan is in the United Arab Emirates to stay. Dubai One television presenter Dina Butti shared a photo with the star on Instagram, saying Lohan is "currently based IN DUBAI!!!" 

She added that Lohan has "a number of projects lined up."

Before heading to Dubai, Lohan was in Greece and Turkey, volunteering to help refugees and raising awareness about their plight. After several interviews with Turkish and international media, people began noticing that she had developed a new exotic accent.

A lot of Arabs were quick to point out where the star got her quirky new way of speaking.

Previously, Lohan has said that she is studying Arabic and the Quran. She confirmed this after she was seen carrying the Muslim holy book, spurring lots of discussions on the Interwebs. Some have speculated that she's converted to Islam.

How long she'll stay in Dubai remains to be seen. But she's definitely been making waves since she arrived.

She was the "guest of honor" at Ahlan Magazine's Christmas party

Here she is posing with some of the magazine's staff

Lohan has reportedly been in Dubai to visit her close friend and lifestyle blogger Karen Wazen Bakhazi

She recently shared this selfie, with a caption suggesting she was in Dubai

But she also dropped by Kuwait earlier this month ...

She made a post for the UAE's National Day

In early Decembery, Lohan shared a selfie with Dubai-based makeup artist Joelle Mardinian

Whatever her upcoming plans are, it definitely looks like Lohan is getting quite cozy in the Middle East