Article 522 of the Lebanese penal code has let rapists that marry their victims off the hook. That's about to change. 

The Parliament’s Administration and Justice Committee has confirmed it has decided to abolish Article 522 of the Lebanese penal code which dismisses any rape charges if marriage takes place, according to a major Lebanese women's rights group Abaad. 

The details of the law's repeal will be determined in a meeting on December 14, according to The Daily Star.  

"If a legal marriage was held between the person who committed any of the crimes mentioned in this chapter and the victim, prosecution will be stopped; and if a verdict in the case was issued, the punishment implementation is suspended," the law previously stated.  

This comes just over a week after ABAAD, a MENA based non-profit organization, launched a massive and haunting awareness campaign to raise awareness about the controversial rape law. 

The campaigners went as far as appearing at the House of Parliament on November 30, in an effort to petition lawmakers to abolish . 

Fortunately for them, it worked. They're about to change history. 

"Congratulations to women and girls in Lebanon. The Administration and Justice Committee agrees to repeal Article 522 of the penal code and will be discussing some details on the rest of the articles next Wednesday."

A simple YESSSS!

Congratulations are in order

A praiseworthy campaign

The campaign has gained the attention of global media outlets including The Independent, BBC among many others. 

Article 522 does not only cover cases of rape. It applies to cases of sex with a minor, molestation of children, sexual harassment of children, exploitation of someone in a less powerful position and kidnapping of women or girls.