German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for a controversial full-face veil ban in a speech on Tuesday. Muslims on the interwebs were quick to react, and it's been a mixed bag. 

Merkel, who just accepted political party's nomination for another term, said the full-face veil was not compatible with German culture and said it should be "prohibited wherever legally possible". She also called for a stricter policy on immigration and refugees, marking a shift from her open-door policy for Syrian refugees. 

As Merkel and her party gear up for elections, she faces significant criticism from opponents over her support for allowing hundreds of thousand of refugees – predominantly from Syria and Iraq – into the country. Her party has previously rejected calls for a full-face veil ban as well.

But, in hopes of regaining support from disenfranchised voters and those who have turned to the far right, Merkel is taking a harsher tone in hopes of winning the election.

Many were quick to critique the dramatic policy flip

And some are calling this is an election stunt

On easing tensions

On a woman's choice of clothing

Some accuse her of fear-mongering

But some Muslims back her decision

And some just want clarification