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A video capturing 2-year old Lebanese toddler Charbel Harb - or 'Bouliti' - naming the capitals of 32 countries is taking Facebook by storm.

The footage was shared on the social media platform by Harb's parents on Saturday. 

It has since gone viral, amassing nearly 250,000 views in less than two days.

Bouliti is now a social media star

The video has been circulating online for the past two days and it led to a hilarious meltdown of the sorts...

Don't believe us?

Here, see for yourself:

People pretty much lost it

"Look how cute he is!!" 

Lost it? More like...

"This is unbelievable"

Di "7aga mental"

Bouliti made everyone's day

"He's just like us"

Comparisons ensued in the comments section

And naturally, they led to this

"Where do I bury myself?"

Everyone... "t3allamo, tsa2affo"

"My future child"

Not a first for Charbel... he can do this too