The Lebanese have embarked on the fifth day of demonstrations, and they are showing no sign of backing down.

Demonstrators first took to the streets on Thursday evening to protest the government's now-canceled plans to introduce new taxes. What started as a spontaneous demonstration grew into nationwide protests, with tens of thousands calling for concrete change and serious reform, starting with the resignation of the cabinet headed by Prime Minister Saad Hariri.

Aiming to draw the attention of the country's ruling class and create a general state of paralysis, protesters have blocked roads with burning tires and make-shift barricades. While the movement has been widely peaceful and even festive at times, it has witnessed a few clashes between protesters and security personnel, particularly on Friday evening. Protesters were targeted with rubber bullets and tear gas canisters, and many unarmed individuals have reported being arbitrarily beaten up and arrested by police and Lebanese Army personnel.

Many Lebanese have accused foreign media outlets of misrepresenting the ongoing manifestations and demonizing protesters. So, here's how "violent" the movement has actually been:

1. Protesters are ruthlessly celebrating love

2. And bombarding the internet with heartwarming moments like this

3. They are disrupting the streets with positive energy and party music

4. And baby-friendly riot anthems

5. Their weapons of choice? Face-paint

6. And savage protest signs

7. Not to mention a killer tan

8. We are DYING of laughter thanks to their creativity and sense of humor

On a more serious note:

Protesters have expressed their rage at the current ruling class and accusing it of sinking the country deeper into a cycle of debt, corruption, and violence. 

In response, PM Hariri announced his government would tackle protesters' concerns by Monday evening. Meanwhile, on Saturday, the country's Lebanese Forces parliamentary bloc requested that its four ministers in government submit their resignation. 

Whether or not other political factions follow suit remains to be seen.