On Wednesday, a video of a hilarious gaffe made by Lebanon's President Michel Aoun took the internet by storm.

The blunder took place as the President was handed the microphone during a ceremony in celebration of the Lebanese Army's 73rd anniversary, alongside a graduation of a new class of officers.

Aoun mistakenly referred to Fajr Al-Jurood (dawn of the outskirts) - the Lebanese army's operation against Daesh on the outskirts of al-Qaa and Ras Baalbek towns in 2017 - as Fajr Al-Qurood (dawn of the apes.) 

"I hereby name this batch of army's graduates after the anti-Daesh operation titled 'Dawn of the Apes'"... and people on social media couldn't help but make a joke out of it.

"Dawn of the Planet of the Apes"

Seconds later, the country's flag got an update

Welcome to Zoobanon?

Countless GIFs came to life

The "Computer Crime Control Office" at the moment

"Is this the Lebanese Yanni or Laurel?"

We're back to Darwin's theory now ...

"See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil"

"Not sure whether to laugh or cry"

Photoshopped images surfaced ... because, well...

Mabrouk + Dabke?