With temperatures skyrocketing to over 50 degrees Celsius in recent weeks in the Gulf, people have been at war with the heat. 

One Saudi household, though, had maybe one of the most appropriate ideas to combat the weather. The homeowners decided to cover the entire roof with climbing greenery and won the internet with their creativity. 

Now, while the location and identity of the family remain unconfirmed, their house got its 15 minutes of fame.

Research proves green roofs can decrease heat absorption through ceilings, "which results in lower indoor temperature and improvement of thermal comfort for inhabitants."

In several countries around the world, people are starting to use roof gardening as a way to beat the summer heat, and maybe Saudi Arabia should join them. 

Scientific facts aside, the Saudi family's green-covered building divided the kingdom's online users. While some were all for the move and thought the idea was incredible, others thought it had its downsides. 

"It's unaesthetic + has many downsides including insects gathering and water bill"

"There will be no oxygen at night"

"He [the house owner] might find Tarzan and his family living with him"

Yet, the majority defended the solution

"An intelligent idea. It increases oxygen levels, lowers temperatures. It lowers reliance on air conditioning and so reduces electricity bills." 

"An amazing idea"

Saudis are trying to beat the heat every way they can

Some escaped by traveling abroad

"ايوه شخباركم اجل قلتو لي السعوديه حر" Source: Twitter/skyPepole

Others stayed home but did this

"Use Mebo [burn ointment] instead of sunblock"

Car shields? Check

The higher the temperature, the crazier people get ????????‍♀️