While some Lebanese have started taking personal initiatives to recycle "from the source" with the help of online campaign #LetsSort as the trash crisis enters its fourth month, others have added a little creativity to the widespread #YouStink movement.

As the movement gains momentum, many have turned to creative methods to raise awareness on the issue, especially with winter's arrival and the continual stalling by the Cabinet to approve a plan.

Com Fu, a marketing firm, has contributed to the movement by introducing "Haute Zbouture" - a fashion show where models wear designs made out of trash bags. The satirical video, published Wednesday, shows models wearing these trash bags in different styles and walking down a hall under club lights and while loud music plays.

The video then cuts to a black screen, and the video ending with the sentence: "Act before trash becomes a trend."

The video has since been picked up by local TV stations and blogs and has appeared on 9GAG TV .