Young award-winning Lebanese filmmaker Elie Fahed recently released a new short film entitled "Things I Love."

"[The project] is a two-minute short film where I simply talk about the things I love in life, the things I see everyday and don’t appreciate; this film is a reminder to value little details," Fahed told StepFeed.

The inspiration behind Fahed's latest project was rather simple: "I was driving and the yellow light turned red, it felt so good crossing at the very last second, so I decided to put this moment somewhere, the next morning I had a man'ouche and I was like, 'this very simple culinary invention can make your day better' and throughout the days I discovered that there’re so many cool and fun moments that we should share with the world and I decided that I'm gonna film this."

At less than 3 minutes, the film quickly highlights all of the small things that make Fahed happy and appreciate life. From London's fog, to Instagram to Fahed's favorite directors, the brief vignette into Fahed's favorite things makes the viewer remember to appreciate the mundane moments and simple joys of life.

Previously, Fahed found success with his short film entitled " Starring Julia " for which he won the Jury Prize at the Beirut International Film Festival and received the "Best Student Short Film" at the MCFF in Monaco. The project gave him access to some 10 film festivals all over the world.

"It was amazing for me to realize that movies can affect people in so many ways," Fahed said.

However, Fahed's latest project isn't intended to make the film festival circuit.

"When I finished 'Things I Love' I had one thing in mind: I just wanna put this on YouTube and other social media! I just felt like it's something fun to watch where people can enjoy it," he explained.

As for his future plans, Fahed is currently working on several television commercials and on a Fashion film for IN magazine. And where does he see himself going in five to 10 years?

"I wish I'll be able to do a feature film. The universe is full of stories and there's no better way than filmmaking to tell them."

We look forward to seeing the stories that Fahed will go on to tell throughout his career. At 26, this young filmmaker is already making waves and we're excited to see where he ends up. For now, we're going to rewatch "Things I Love" and remember to appreciate the simple pleasures of life. Check the video below.