Lebanese singer Julia Boutros rose to fame in the 1980s, stole hearts around the world after releasing the song Ahibaii (My Loved Ones) in 2006 soon after the Lebanese-Israeli war ended ... and in 2017 it seems love for the singer is still growing.

In 2016, Boutros took the stage at Waterfront City Dbayeh, performing live to a massive crowd on August 27. 

Almost a year later, MTV Lebanon broadcast the concert to viewers all across Lebanon ... and it ignited some love on Twitter. 

Soon after, the hashtag #JuliaBoutros (جوليا_بطرس) began trending, and for good reason. 

The crowd was on fire

Because "when Julia sings, the world hears us"

There's some kind of magic in her songs

"The best thing to happen to Lebanon besides Fairouz"

She's basically Lebanon's Beyoncé ... but better

Queen J?

The definition of classy

And masterly

One word: #Proud

Perfection's got nothing on Julia Boutros