Jordan's Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II recently made it out to the kingdom's Dead Sea ... and it wasn't your ordinary trip. 

The crown prince took his adventure-seeking skills to another level, as he piloted a helicopter carrying a group of Red Bull base jumpers who dove into the air right above the lowest point on Earth - 430 meters below sea level to be exact. 

The video, which was initially posted by the crown prince and then later shared by Queen Rania, has garnered over 110,000 views on Instagram in less than 24 hours. 

The jump came as part of a series of sky adventures organized by Red Bull Jordan in collaboration with the Jordan Tourism Board (with the support of the Royal Hashemite Court) to invigorate tourism by promoting Jordan’s unique locations. 

Descending from a height of 1,865 meters above sea level

Awakening The Dead … Sea!

A royal jump ... literally!