Just when you thought the world had enough of dabke, the traditional Levantine folk dance, Australian police prove otherwise. 

In a video going viral on social media, New South Wales police officers reportedly attempted to raid an event ... but instead, ended up joining guests of a wedding performing dabke. 

The footage was initially posted to Snapchat with a caption that read:

"When the police come to raid a wedding, but the cousins distract them with the dabke." 

Soon after, the video began making the rounds online, pushing New South Wales Police to look into the matter, according to Daily Mail Australia

Whether the police's attempted "raid" is true or not remains unclear. Still, the footage is pretty epic.

Things escalated pretty quickly! One police officer ended up on the shoulders of one of the guests

Holding hands with the guests ... exactly how it's done

"Gotta love Lebanese people"

"Love spreads love"

The video is beyond epic!