A Kuwaiti psychologist and counselor caused quite the stir after allegedly saying there are health benefits associated with women smelling their husband's armpits.

Dr. Fozia Al Durai, who holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from UK's York University and is specialized in sexology and sex therapy, reportedly made the statement on her Snapchat account earlier this week. 

In her post, Al Durai said a woman who follows this advice for at least four days a month, will be more fertile and will also feel happier, calmer, and more productive. 

A video of her statement has since been uploaded to Twitter, sparking a meltdown of the sorts among hundreds on the platform. 

The snap sparked an online frenzy

While many attacked Al Durai for posting such content, others said it might not have been her who posted it, claiming there are several fake accounts under the popular sexologist's name. 

Some also added that the statement could have been made by someone impersonating her. Nevertheless, the post continues to make the rounds online and is going completely viral.

"She's killing me with this one"

"Imagine Dr. Fozia Al Durai posted a video saying that if you smell your husband's armpits you'll feel better. She's killing me with this one." 

"I just can't with Fozia Al Durai's study that says smelling a husband's armpit leads to happiness"

A few are pointing out the lack of logic...

"How does she want us to smell men's armpits?"

"Where does she get her information from?"

Many hit back with sarcasm

"Girls, Dr. Fozia Al Durai found a solution to everything that frustrates you. Smell a man's armpit to feel peaceful and happy. Is this what things have come to, doctor?"

"Someone please stop her"

"Wei3" indeed...

"Just saw the video and I am disgusted." 

"If that's the case, may I never get married"

The psychologist's statements often spark controversy

Al Durai has yet to confirm whether she posted and made the now-viral video. However, if it was indeed her, it wouldn't mark the first time one of her statements sparks controversy on social media. 

The sexologist is known for not holding back when it comes to discussing topics deemed sensitive in the Gulf region.

In recent months, a resurfaced video of the psychologist stating that men fart more than women also went viral on social media.