A Kuwaiti man recently attempted to murder his wife and daughter after they called an ambulance to get him medical care for coronavirus-like symptoms, Al Rai newspaper reported

The man frantically attacked his family members as they called local health authorities to get him quarantined at Kuwait's Al Jaber Hospital.

The women contacted health authorities because they were worried that he was exhibiting concerning symptoms similar to those reported with novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases. 

Both the mother and daughter had to hide to protect themselves from the attack as they called internal security pleading for help. Police quickly arrived at the scene, evacuated the women, and referred the man to local health authorities. Police said the wife refused to register a case against her husband, explaining that all she wanted was to make sure he got all the necessary and proper medical tests. 

News of this incident comes at a time when the novel coronavirus outbreak continues to spread across the Gulf state, the region, and the world. 

As of Monday, Kuwait has the highest number of cases in the Arab world, with 56 confirmed infections so far. The country's Ministry of Health said all those infected were linked to the deadly outbreak of the virus in Iran. 

Panic over the current coronavirus has become so real across the country that sanitizers, masks, and other preventive tools are no longer available at local pharmacies and stores. Authorities have also temporarily shut down schools and educational institutions to help stop the virus' spread. 

On Twitter, some Kuwaitis have been criticizing those who have arrived back home from countries with confirmed cases of the virus yet are refusing to enter quarantines. Last week, videos capturing passengers from Iran arguing with medical personnel over the need to be quarantined sparked outrage all over the nation. 

International health experts have stressed that 14-day quarantines are obligatory for those who have traveled to countries where outbreaks were reported. These countries include China, Iran, Italy, South Korea, and Thailand.  

Coronavirus cases reported in most Arab countries

On Monday, Saudi Arabia joined the list of Arab countries that confirmed cases of COVID-19, reporting the first case in the kingdom in a national who arrived from Iran. 

Jordan, Tunisia, and Morocco also reported their first cases of the virus. Egypt recently recorded two cases as well. 

The first case to be reported in the region was confirmed by the UAE on Jan. 29. As of Sunday night, the Gulf state has confirmed a total of 21 cases. Five of those who were infected in the country made full recoveries; the rest continue to be monitored under quarantine. 

The virus' spread in Iran eventually led to an escalation in the rates of infections in Arab countries as nationals traveling back home from the Islamic Republic carried the virus with them.

Lebanon reported its first case of the virus mid-February in a woman who had also been to Iran. The total of infected individuals in the country has climbed to 13 as of Monday. 

There are 49 cases in Bahrain so far and six in Oman. In the latter, one patient reportedly cured on Saturday. The country has also banned the entry of visitors coming from virus-hit areas. 

In Iraq, 21 people who had recently been to Iran have also been infected. Algeria has also reported five cases. Late on Monday, Morocco also confirmed its first case of the virus in a man who traveled back from Italy.