Dubai Police's efforts and support to inmates have not gone unnoticed over the years. The latest initiative involved a British prisoner who was sentenced to life in jail for murder and is currently serving time at Dubai's central prison located in the middle of Al Awir desert.

The Dubai-based inmate received a surprise visit from his son after 11 years of separation thanks to an organized event by the Dubai Police. The prisoner was attending the launch of a new book titled "Tomorrow, I will fly," written by different convicts inside the prison when officers surprised him with the heartwarming gesture. 

In a photo shared by the Dubai Police, the father and his only son can be seen locking each other in a tight embrace. 

"When we came to know about his son and the inmate's longing to see him, the department contacted him, and he was so excited to be seeing his father after ages. Finally, the surprise meeting was arranged," said Brigadier Ali Al Shamali, director of punitive and correctional institutions department at Dubai Police. 

The British inmate was sentenced to life for the murder of a woman in 2008. When the Dubai Police learned that the prisoner only had one child, they decided to prepare a surprise visit. 

"His son was surprised and agreed to come to Dubai to meet his father after many years of separation. Both were happy to see each other after those years," said Al Shamali, according to Gulf News. 

"Spreading happiness among inmates is part of police's humanitarian initiatives," the director added.

It's true. Dubai Police is known for supporting detainees through various programs and gestures. A few years back, Dubai Police offered the public an opportunity to support those serving time in prisons across the UAE by purchasing handmade products manufactured by inmates. The crafts - which included handmade boxes and chairs - were put on display at an exhibition at the time.

Earlier this year, 23 prisoners of the Dubai Correctional and Punitive Establishments sat down and took the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam in preparation for tertiary education. 

Dubai Police tries its best to create an appropriate and productive environment for inmates in the city to help them reintegrate into society after serving their time. 

To help make that happen, the emirate's police announced in January that every police station and remand center in Dubai will have a sports hub for inmates. 

The decision came following the success of a six-month pilot project in which prisoners were given the opportunity to play different sports either with a team or as individuals. The results of the project revealed an improvement in the attitude of inmates. 

"We saw the benefits it had on not just the physical health of the inmates, but also their mental well-being. They were a lot happier and showing much better bonding and teamwork," said Brigadier Yousef Al Adidi, director of Al Qusais Police Station who led the pilot project, according to Khaleej Times.