Kuwaiti police arrested a couple who were caught dancing while drunk in their car over the weekend, Al Rai newspaper reported.

In a statement on the matter, a security source said the man and woman were detained in the country's King Fahd highway area.

"Officers became suspicious after spotting the couple dancing in their car. The vehicle was immediately stopped, and both individuals were found to be drunk," the source said.

Furthermore, the source also added that the woman found in the car had been reported missing by her family a few days before the incident.

The man begged officers not to arrest his girlfriend

After the couple was detained, police searched their vehicle and confiscated an imported bottle of alcohol. 

Even though the man pleaded with officers not to send his girlfriend to a police station, she was referred to the same one in which her parents had filed a missing person's report.

The man was sent to another police station and was charged with "covering up for a woman who ran away from her family home", in addition to being illegally drunk.

He is now set to face legal consequences in the case. It remains unconfirmed whether the woman is also going to face trial.

Not the first time a similar arrest is reported in a Gulf country

Dating outside of marriage and alcohol consumption are considered strictly illegal in several Gulf countries including Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Earlier this year, an unmarried couple was arrested by Saudi authorities after reportedly being found drunk in a vehicle. 

They were both charged with illegal drinking and having an "illicit" relationship outside of marriage, an act considered a sin under Sharia law.