We've written about this countless times, yet many people remain in the dark when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel - the land thief and apartheid power - has long tried to appropriate Palestinian and Arab culture by trying to pass popular regional dishes as their own.

As a result, ignorance regarding the origins of several traditional Levantine meals is quite widespread. Kunafa/knefe has been the center of debate for quite some time now, with no one able to pinpoint its true origins. What we know for a fact, though, is that it's not Israeli, no matter how much they try to make it theirs.

In a tweet posted on Thursday, someone named Laurent posted a photo of what looks like a piece of kunafa, captioning it: "I love knafeh... Israeli food is so good." 

The debate on the origins of the dessert is divided between Egypt and Nablus, Palestine. However, what everyone agrees on is that the dish is Arab and has nothing to do with Israel. 

The word even comes from the Arabic verb "kanaf" which means mercy. It first appeared during the Umayyad Caliphate when Muawiya asked his chef to prepare him a strong dish to help him endure Ramadan's fasting.

This is not the first time someone says kunafa is Israeli, nor will it be the last time, unfortunately.

Scrolling through the tweep's account, his hate for Palestine shows too clearly, too in-your-face. In past tweets and retweets, he makes fun of all Arabs, and so for him to post about "kunafa being Israeli" would be nothing less than a tease to the people who don't support apartheid.  

Regardless, Arabs - who are used to the hate from and illogical thinking of most Israelis - hilariously hit back at the claim, with one trolling tweet after the other. 

First of all

"Stealing land wasn't enough for them"

Everyone was there to troll this claim

"I love pizza, Israeli food is so good"

Trolling level: Arab

If this is true then margoog is French

And shawarma is Italian

Savagely imagining the person behind this tweet

"Searching 'Israeli food': ERROR 404"

What Israeli food?

Case in point? Stop appropriating our food