It is no secret that Israel has gone above and beyond to appropriate Palestinian culture, particularly when it comes to food.

The result? Widespread ignorance regarding the origins of several traditional Palestinian dishes, and generally Levantine cuisine. 

For instance, we have seen people in the West refer to hummus, the fan-favorite Levantine dip, as Israeli... on way too many occasions.

Still, one would think professional chefs - let alone international ones - would be more educated on the history of the dishes they prepare. However, celebrity chef Rachael Ray has proven that the ignorance runs deep. 

The American television personality, businesswoman, and chef recently shared photos from her holiday feast, which featured (or so she thought) Israeli cuisine. Except, all the dishes were traditionally Palestinian and Levantine.

Rachael Ray's "Israeli nite" featured hummus, warak enab, and tabbouli

In a tweet posted last week, Ray wrote, "Holiday Feast Highlights - Israeli nite", and went on to name the supposedly-Israeli dishes shown in the pictures.

Featuring stuffed vine leaves (warak 'enab), tabbouli, hummus, eggplant dip (mutabbal), and of course, Pita bread, Ray's feast was actually Levantine.

Naturally, people were quick to notice the blunder and made sure to set Ray's facts straight, and of course, troll her big time:

People started sharing photos of non-Israeli food to mock Ray

Israeli sushi, anyone?

"I bet they taste like occupation. You can also add a little ethnic cleansing for more flavor."

Newsflash: These dishes are older than Israel

Tongue-in-cheek humor was in full force

Rachael, did you mean "Apartheid nite"?

"Ignorance will kill your career"

Here's a quick history lesson

"Israeli food is murder, blood, land theft"

First they steal the land, then the food

Gordon Ramsay GIFs were oh-so-conveniently used

Amer Zahr's epic video came in handy

The Palestinian comedian, writer, filmmaker, producer, and former lawyer recently posted a hilarious video in which he compared the process of making Palestinian hummus to that of "Israeli" hummus.

After explaining how typical hummus is made, Zahr said, "Now I'm gonna show you how to make Israeli hummus, it's much easier".

He explained, "You simply find a Palestinian who had made Palestinian hummus, kick him out of his house, and then you say (in an Israeli accent): 'This is Israeli hummus.'"

People remembered the time Rachael Ray wore a keffiyeh

Back in 2008, Ray caused a stir after appearing in a Dunkin' Donuts ad while wearing a scarf that looks like the keffiyehthe checkered patterned scarf that is often worn by Palestinians as a symbol of nationalism and resistance.

At the time, the ad caused an uproar in the United States, with people claiming "the ad offers symbolic support for Muslim extremism and terrorism," according to the Los Angeles Times.

The company later pulled the commercial and said, "absolutely no symbolism was intended".