Different parts of the region including Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Turkey are obsessed with kibbeh - and I can't blame them. There are really only three ingredients needed to make this awesome dish: bulghur, minced onions, and ground lean meat. It's that simple. Having said that, there are so many twists and turns on the classic kibbeh.

From raw to fried, check out these 17 awesome versions of the most versatile Levantine dish:

1. Kibbeh nayye

What makes this so special is the way the bulghur & spices are blended in.

2. Habra nayye

Just meat, all the bulghur and spices (kamouni) are on the side.

3. Kibbeh bl suniyeh

Because who doesn't love pies?

4. Raw kibbeh balls

5. Torpedo-shaped fried kibbeh

6. Kibbet batata

Kibbe + Potato = Heaven

7. Kibbet la2teen

Pimp your kibbe with anything, basically!

8. 2ras kibbeh

Kibbe turned patties...delicious!

9. Kibbeh b'laban

10. Frakeh

11. Kibbet hileh

12. Kibbeh jreesh

If you love being healthy, this Mosul style kibbe is for you. It's poached in water, not fried!

13. Rice kibbeh

Rice shells filled with minced lamb for the carb lovers!

14. Kibbeh arnabiye

Just add tahini to make it all the better.

15. Kebbeh bi dibs il remmen


16. Kibbeh karaziye

Because a cherry on top makes everything better.

17. Kibbeh shorba

If you're in the mood for some soup this will satisfy you, no doubt.

Now seriously, how long will it take for you to devour this?