It's really hot in Jordan during the summer, so hot that some can't be bothered to wear pants ... even when they go on television.

Jordanian political analyst and journalist, Majid Asfour, was interviewed by Al Jazeera via Skype last week, and he wasn't wearing pants. This probably would have gone unnoticed had it not been for his prankster son.

From the live interview, Asfour appears dressed smartly in a formal suit

But then we go behind the scenes ...

Asfour's son, Manaf, initially sent the video to friends in Spain, according to Jordan Times. Then it began circulating online.

Asfour, is a respected journalist and formerly served as the editor-in-chief of Al Rai Arabic daily. But for his part, he's taking the incident with a good sense of humor.

"The temperature in Amman was above 30 degrees Celsius and I was at home, so I decided to wear a jacket, a shirt and go on air like this," he explained, according to Jordan Times.

The journalist went on to joke that although he has written hundreds of articles, gone on TV numerous times, and was even jailed once, he has never received so much attention before.

Saying that he was surprised by the number of shares, Asfour's son said this incident "shows the power of social media."

Watch the full 12-second clip below