Two-time Egyptian Olympic swimmer, Farida Osman, won her country the bronze medal in the women’s 50-meter butterfly finals in Budapest on Saturday. 

Achieving a 25.39s swim, Osman became the first-ever Egyptian to claim a medal in the Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINAWorld Championships.

"Osman broke the African record for the third time in this event, topping her previous number at the semi-final by 0.25s," The Egypt Independent reported.

The 22-year old is the first Egyptian to qualify as a finalist in any FINA World Championship. 

She missed the silver by 0.01s to Ranomi Kromowidjojo from the Netherlands; as for the gold medal, it was claimed by Sarah Sjoestroem from Sweden who finished at 24.60s. 

Osman shared the good news with her fans on Facebook

"Thank you all for your support. The best is yet to come."

Many Egyptian tweeps and media outlets are celebrating her

"Congratulations champ"

Her fellow athletes in Egypt and beyond are just as excited

"We're all proud of you. Congratulations!"

Mohamed Salah, an Egyptian footballer who also happens to be the most expensive player in Liverpool's history, also congratulated the champ: 

"A thousand congratulations to the Egyptian champion Farida Osman for making history. We are all proud of you"

"Well done!"

Just 4 months ago, Osman, also known as The Golden Fish, became the third fastest female swimmer of all time in the 100-yard butterfly race. 

In addition to her achievements, she has represented Egypt at the Olympic Games in 2012 and 2016.

Now she is preparing for competing at the Tokyo Olympic games in 2020

Farida brought the medal home