Late on Saturday, a massive fire spread across the area of Kamaliya on the outskirts of Amman, Jordan, Al Arabiya reported. 

The area is surrounded by a green mountain range and is located "along the edges of the country's royal palace."

As news of the incident began to circulate on social media, thousands shared photos and videos from the scene, showing firefighters desperately battling the smoke and flames. 

Jordan's King Abdullah himself, along with other volunteers, bravely took part in the rescue efforts. They united with official forces to help protect the people of the area and their properties. 

A successful rescue mission

After the fire was successfully extinguished, King Abdullah thanked everyone who participated in the rescue efforts via Twitter:  

“With the courage of all the military and civil agencies, the fire of Kamaliya was extinguished yesterday. I thank everyone who took part in the mission for all their efforts, God bless you and Jordan," he wrote. 

People hailed King Abdullah on social media

The video where King Abdullah is seen helping others put out the Kamaliya fire has now gone viral, with thousands sharing it on various social media platforms. 

While many hailed their king for his humility and bravery, others thanked him for being one of the first people to show up on the scene.  

People were beyond proud

"Who is like our leader? Protecting his people and their land from a massive fire that broke out in Kamaliya yesterday. We're proud of you, our king." 

"Only in Jordan... you'll find the king himself helping people put out a fire that broke out in Kamaliya." 

A few were simply out of words

"No words can describe this! Our king helping firefighters put out a massive blaze... I don't think this has ever happened anywhere else before." 

The king of hearts

"This is our leader, dignified, humble and loving towards his people. We love you, our king." 

"No fear for a country when its first soldier is a king"

Watch the full video here: