Egypt and Tunisia have come out as clear winners on Sunday in this year's edition of the Arab Critics Awards at the Cannes Film Festival. 

The awards ceremony is organized by the Arab Cinema Center (ACC) with the objective of encouraging and promoting Arab cinema worldwide. 

A jury of 26 film critics from 15 countries headed this year’s edition, Al Arabiya reported.  

Here are the winners

The Best Director and Best Screenplay awards went to the Egyptian director Mohamed Diab for his remarkable, revolution inspired drama Ishtibak (Clash). 

Diab has captured the attention of people all around the world with his latest film, including prominent American actor Tom Hanks. Hanks reportedly sent a letter to the Egyptian director, congratulating him on his extremely well put-together film last year. 

Egyptian filmmaker Tamer El Said received the award for best film for his movie Akher Ayam Al-Madina (The Last Days of the City). 

Majd Mastoura from Tunisia won best actor for his performance in the Tunisian allegorical film Inhebek Hedi  (I love you, Hedi). 

And the best actress award went to Heba Ali from Egypt for her performance in Akhdar Yabes  (Withered Green).