In a social media post that has now gone viral, Israel's Foreign Ministry depicted Arab countries who refuse to cease their boycott of it, as stubborn mules.

Shared on Sunday, the cartoon post was meant to invite Arab countries to cease their boycott of the occupying state and leave the "middle ages" to join a more "modern world".

But the racist, insulting invitation backfired as Arab tweeps were just simply having none of it. 

Here's how it all went down: 

It all started when this post went viral...

The post was shared on the Israeli Ministry's official Facebook and Twitter pages and quickly went viral. 

The offensive caption read: 

"As the English saying goes, if you can't beat them, join them. The time has come for Arab countries to co-operate with Israel, with the aim to build a brighter future for the region, instead of this boycott that's keeping you in the middle ages. Change in the region will begin when people realize that a relationship with Israel will benefit Arab countries."

People were there for it

"You really have no shame"

Arabs strongly hit back...

"It's more honorable for us to live in a dessert rather than live beside you."

What kind of peace are you talking about?

"The only thing that works with you is this."

Who's the mule now?

"You can call people mules when they give their rights up to occupiers. You're always going to be an occupying force and you'll be kicked out of Palestine just like French forces were kicked out of Algeria after one hundred years of colonial rule. Did you get who the mule is now?" 

"The idea that Israel is more advanced than Arab countries is no longer a reality"

"Because so many countries in the region are now more advanced than the occupying state. We know that you occupied Palestine by force and you won't leave peacefully. It's just a matter of time."

"Even if you paint your buildings gold, you're always going to be an occupying force"

Trolling level: Arab

"In what part of PALESTINE is this city you're talking about? Science fiction has not and will never make a reality out of your propaganda."

"There isn't a country called Israel in the first place, it's called Palestine, its capital is: Jerusalem"