If you live in the Gulf, then you probably know just how popular K-pop bands like BTS have become there. From performing sold-out concerts to dominating social media and attracting a literal army of regional fans, BTS' success is legit in this part of the world. 

This explains why fans recently lost their minds after Emirati singer Ahlam casually dropped a hint that she's planning a collaboration with the K-pop band also known as Bangtan Boys. 

The announcement came in the form of a Twitter response to a fan who asked the singer if there were plans to collaborate with the band. 

"Yes, of course there are," was the answer that sent Arab fans of the seven-member band into a frenzy. 

As people speculated her response, MBC's program Trending reached out to the singer who confirmed that the collaboration is "under the works" without giving more details.

Arab fans of BTS went as far as launching a hashtag to discuss the news. Titled #AhlamxBTS, the hash mark trended on Twitter for hours and inspired an endless array of memes. 

Some took Ahlam's hint seriously and got pretty excited over it while others couldn't even with the entire thing. 

Some just don't want to believe the news

Others don't want it to be true

Many are just over the moon with it though

A few think it could be cool

"Let's go!!!"

Some are already trying to imagine the collab

"A leak from their collaboration"

The memes are right on point

We'll all have to wait and see how this turns out