Beyoncé and Mohamed Ramadan
Beyoncé and Mohamed Ramadan

Rumor has it that Egyptian actor and self-proclaimed singer Mohamed Ramadan is working on a project featuring none other than *drum roll* Beyoncé!

Several Arab media outlets reported the news earlier this week, with some even alleging that Ramadan has already recorded a track with the international star.

Though the news has yet to be confirmed by the management of both celebrities, it still caused quite the stir after going viral on Arab social media. 

The rumor has everyone talking

Mostly because Ramadan isn't exactly a singer

Ramadan is known as one of the most talented actors of his generation, but when it comes to his singing career, it's quite the opposite. 

Last year, the star released a controversial and widely criticized song titled Number One, in which he basically hailed himself for his rise to fame. Weeks later, he released another ill-received track, titled The King

His latest release, a song titled Mafia, just added to his abysmal discography, which features tracks that pretty much explain why so many people are worried over the latest rumors. 

"Day after day I am reassured that the end of the world is near"

"Who with who?"

A few had this opinion to share

"Where's the problem? He's a successful person!"

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