College is all about expanding our knowledge, gaining a semblance of independence, and acquiring skills for our future lives, right? Well, it's a little bit more complicated than that. 

Apart from the endless hours of studying, the demanding schedules and the hectic friendships one makes, here are a few of the things that you will most likely encounter, as listed by third and fourth year Egyptian students under the hashtag: قول_نصيحه_لاولي_جامعه# (advise the freshmen).

Take note, kids. 

1. First, you will meet the seniors

Seniors have spent what seems like an eternity roaming campus' halls.

By now, they know everything about everything; all the hidden corners, every cafeteria, and mainly what lectures are worth attending.

You might want to make a senior friend, or two. 

2. Be careful who you trust

You know that one adorable, funny professor who says you're all like his children and that you shouldn't worry about any exam?

You will most probably fail his impossible-to-pass test. 

Study hard and don't trust them when they say the exam will be easy. 

It's a trap! 

3. Forget what the movies taught you

"You're not going to hold a guitar and sit on the staircase singing. Nor will you accidentally bump into a girl, get down on your knees to pick up her books only to get lost in the beauty of her eyes." 

Wake up Romeo, it's not gonna happen! 

4. Make sure you look your best when you go to college

Just don't wear this suit on campus. Not for your first day at least.  

5. Study well but never forget to have fun

College is all about multitasking. So make the most out of these couple of years as they're the best ones. They'll definitely be the best ones of your life. 

6. Work on improving your skills

If you have a hobby, a talent, or an interest you've always wanted to develop, now is the right time.

Practice as much as you can for this will add to your list of skills, help you meet new people, and serve as a much-needed retreat whenever you're stressed out. 

7. Once again, it ain't happenin'

No. Just no. 

8. Facebook before college vs Facebook after college

Once you join the Facebook study group of your class, expect a flood of friend requests and personal messages from people you didn't even know existed.

9. It's totally normal to fall asleep during your morning classes

Just make sure you don't get too comfortable and end up snoring.

10. Some thought of something different altogether

Maybe, just maybe, you shouldn't bother going to college in the first place?