An Egyptian television personality who claims to be an energy expert said she "changed the path" of Hurricane Irma, which hit the Caribbean and Florida earlier this month.

Lobna Ahmed made the bizarre statement on a September 15 episode of Karma, a weekly program she hosts on Egyptian private channel al-Hadath al-Youm. 

"An Arab friend of mine who lives in Florida, asked us for help as Hurricane Irma approached their state. She and her children were terrified because they'd heard it was going to hit very close to where they were located," Ahmed said. 

"But thank God, me and Mr. Ahmad Shaaban were able to change the hurricane's path and lower its energy levels. We also tried to direct it towards an uninhabited area in the coast of Mexico," she added. 

Ahmed went on to explain that after the Arab woman posted a video thanking her for helping the family out on social media, she began to receive extremely negative comments online. 

The backlash continued long after her statement aired on live television and intensified after someone posted a now-viral video of it on social media last week. 

"We were able to change the hurricane's course"

A social media meltdown of the sorts

As the video continues to make the rounds online, thousands of users are still taking to various platforms, ridiculing Ahmed and expressing anger over her comments. 

People responded with loads of satire

"We'd like to thank them for their great efforts. The U.S. Ministry of Foreign Affairs realized that they had changed the hurricane's path and Donald Trump is personally going to visit Egypt to honor them. I am so proud." 

And questions...

"Why just change its course when you could've stopped it from ever happening?" 

"A word of advice: ban drunk and high people from going live on air"

Many just couldn't even

"Stupidity is now widespread." 


"Lubna, please help me divert air from my house fan to my neighbor's house"

"No comment, because I don't want to curse"

Ahmed has since responded

Amid the backlash her comments are still receiving, Ahmed responded. 

Speaking to Al Maghreb Al Yawm, the self-proclaimed energy expert said her statements had been misconstrued. 

"Those who truly want to know the truth should watch the full episode, not just segments of it," she said. 

She also stressed that the hurricane had changed its course because of God's will, adding that she and her husband, Ahmed Shaaban, were only trying to test "the effect of live energy on hurricanes and climate in general."