Over 50 years have passed since the Beatles made their debut, forever changing the music industry. 

But have you ever wondered what their songs would be like if the band were Arab?

From the band's name to their song titles, here's our version of "the Fab Four." 

1. The name: "Al Khanafes"?

The beatles, arabic headline
Vintage Arabic article about the Beatles Source: Twitter/w_carruthers

From Beatles to Beetles to "Khanafes" (الخنافس) because why the hell not. 

2. "Norwegian wood"

From Japanese author Haruki Murakami's book Norwegian Wood - named after one of the Beatles' songs - to a bad Arabic translation: "الغابة النروجية."

3. "Yellow submarine"

4. "Drive my car"

This was, of course, prior to Saudi Arabia's lift on the women driving ban. 

5. "Ticket to ride"

6. "The Hippy, Hippy Shake"

7. "Can't buy me love"

How did Arabs manage to "sell cupid"? One wonders. 

From "can't buy me love" to "cupid for sale."