Over the weekend, Saudi Arabia marked the country's 87th National Day, celebrating the kingdom's founding in 1932. 

For the first time, the country invited women to attend the festivities at the King Fahd Stadium in Riyadh - an event that was previously open exclusively to men.

Hundreds of people gathered in Tahlia Street, a shopping strip in the heart of Riyadh, as one DJ blasted electronic dance music, inviting hundreds of nationals and expats to embrace the tunes. 

Green flags covered the two cities, as did posters of King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

"With our Kingdom becoming an active member of G20, the grouping of the world’s strongest economies, we look ambitiously forward to seeing the Kingdom as a pioneering model at all levels, depending on the role of young male and female citizens in this regard with striving to accomplish the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 which marks the beginning of a new phase of development and hard work for future advancement as well as the pursuit [of] everything in the interest of the country," said MBS, according to Saudi Gazette. 

Here are some of the most historic moments that marked the kingdom's 87th National Day. 

"This DJ will go down in my history books"

A dance-off in the middle of the streets was the topic of discussion

Qahtan tribe dance "Qzoi" saw crowds embracing the beats

A woman finally took part in the "Malhamet Watan" event

For the first time, women and men mingled in common crowds

The King Fahd stadium, which opens its doors on National Day for celebrations, was previously open to males only.

National Day celebrations in previous years banned women from entering sports arenas under the kingdom's strict rules of gender segregation in public. 

This system generally sees two sections: a 'Singles' section, which is for men, and a 'Family' section, for women and families.

However, 2017 brought on a different vibe as women were invited to take part, even if single men were still seated separately. 

Saudi female athletes were celebrated with photos on buildings

Genuine festive spirit in the form of carnival rides