arab hipsters
Source: Daily Mail

Sure, the world associates Dubai with superficial glitz and glam.

However, there is so much more to this city, and if walk around Dubai, you will be surprised to see a group of people you may not have expected…hipsters.

Yes, that's right. The guys with their well-trimmed beards, oversized retro glasses, Hawaiian t-shirts, drop-crotch pants, and skinny jeans. 

They will occasionally enter a mall to do their quick shopping, but apart from that, they spend most of their time in much "cooler" places.

Where do they go? What do they do? 

The mystery unravels…

Here is a list of 9 Dubai hipster hangouts you should know about:

1. Khazzan Park

Khazzan Park is Dubai’s solar-powered park with a café, bookstore, playground, and traditional water tower. 

They even have workshops on a variety of alternative topics taking place in the winter! 

Adjacent to the shimmering City Walk, this hidden gem is the perfect place to sit on the green and read about The Beat Generation.

2. Stereo Arcade

I’ll give this to them – there is nothing better than a classic

Instead of heading over to a club, the hipster specimen can be found sporting jeans and a sarcastic, graphic t-shirt at Stereo Arcade

At the bar side, they will awkwardly boogie to everything from Nelly and AC/DC, even though they scoffed at those songs for being cliché when they first came out.

3. Alserkal Avenue

Once a marble factory, this area of Al Quoz has been transformed into a burgeoning art destination. With galleries, cafes, record stores, and even a kimono shop.

Challenge: Try to find one person there who doesn't wish they were in Williamsburg...

4. Music Room

The true hipsters will tear themselves away from new Dubai to visit the live music venue on Al Mankhool Road

With tribute groups, covering the likes of Guns and Roses, and European metal bands, this dive bar has cocktails and pub food that lends itself perfectly to the subculture.

5. Cinema Akil

At Cinema Akil, a movie theatre for independent films, not only do you get a chance to be around the hipster folk but you actually get to sit next to them and immerse yourselves in art-house movies from every place in the world

They have a warehouse in Alserkal Avenue and often collaborate with outdoor events to showcase the best of indie cinema.

6. The Fridge

The Fridge is a music management company that helps develop local artists through events, open-mic nights and competitions. 

If you’re passing by their warehouse in Alserkal Avenue, you should definitely visit because there is a high chance you might find some amazing talent that you had never heard of before.

Here’s a riddle for you: Why is it called the fridge? 

Answer: Because it’s that cool!

7. Dubai Design District / d3

This is where hipsters work

They park their tiny cars, grab a coffee at 1life, walk past to funky outdoor benches, head on upstairs to their studio and come down for lunch at the understated Lighthouse

This is where you can see them in their element.

8. Bastakiya

Now, what is hipsterdom without a bit of culture? 

Whether you are just strolling between the traditional houses or stopping by the coffee museum, Bastakiya has a wealth of old remnants from the days of Old Dubai. 

It has now been renamed Al Fahidi but it is much cooler to keep it traditional.

9. Courtyard Junction

If Alserkal Avenue is where all the regular hipsters hang out, this is where the very alternative ones go.

Hidden in a corner among a courtyard bursting with furniture stores, Courtyard Junction awaits on the opposite side of the artsy neighbourhood. 

For a small donation, one can watch live improv, plays by local drama groups, and screenings of famous theatre productions.

Disclaimer: This article means no offence to hipsters. In fact, these are places where the author herself can be found. She might even be one of them. Stay tuned…