If you thought Marvel had done it all for Muslim fans, you were wrong. 

Earlier this month, Marvel released an action-adventure Spiderman game, developed by Sony and Insomniac Games, and there was one particular detail that took the internet by storm.

The game - developed for the PlayStation 4 - features a hijabi character who refuses close physical contact with Spiderman, a characteristic that's been hailed by many on social media.

In Islamic teachings, unrelated men and women are prohibited from physical contact ... and it seems the developers of this game have done their research quite well.

"Halal NY Queen"

In a video that's been making the rounds online, Spiderman can be seen interacting with a hijabi.

"Spidey!" she can be heard saying before offering her hand.

Spiderman got a bit too excited and directly went in for a hug. The woman then awkwardly denied the hug ... and it's this very detail that's got people talking.

Halal certified?

"This is cool"

"We love a devoted sister"

"A halal gap"

"I just want to buy PS4 for this"

"The details in this game"

"Good job, Insomniac Games"


"The developers did their research"

"This is officially the best thing about the game"

Marvel and Muslim inclusivity

In 2014, Kamala Khan - otherwise known as Ms. Marvel - became Marvel Comics' first Muslim-American hero to headline her own comic.

Ms. Marvel - a nerdy, sarcastic Pakistani-American teenager - is known for her extreme dedication to delivering justice.

Back in 2015, the character of Khan was used to wipe away messages of hate that had appeared on buses in San Francisco. Racist ads had been promoted by an anti-Muslim group and she became the face of protest against Islamophobia.