When Arab tweep Fatma Salama asked her followers to put their names in "useful sentences", she probably wasn't expecting some of the responses she got. 

Shortly after the post started making the rounds on Twitter last week, hundreds of tweeps played along the name game. 

The result? Hilarious sentences that are just too funny not to share...

It all started with this tweet

"Put your name in a useful sentence?" 

Which resulted in hilarious responses

"Let's go [Haya] to the souk."

Some weren't exactly useful

"'Mouid' runs amid flowers."

Others were quite creative ...

"President 'Mohamed' Hussni Moubarak decided to resign."

... To say the least

"Tea [Shay] water [ma2] something cold, Pepsi." 

When you just can't be bothered

"'Mohamed' is a useful sentence."

When your name fits perfectly into song lyrics

"Turn us around world [Dunia]."

When you play the game right

"We have good [Sarah] news."

Too right

"Are you a rightie [Ayman] or leftie."

Pun on pun...

"Do you know other people's names [Asmaa]."

When your name is Mo'men and this happens

"I believe [Mo'men] in God."